Package jcckit.util

Utility classes.


Interface Summary
ConfigData Interface for hierarchically managed key-value pairs.
TicLabelFormat Format interface for tic labels.

Class Summary
AppletBasedConfigData Implementation of FlatConfigData based on java.applet.Applet.
ConfigParameters Read-only class for hierarchically organized key-value pairs.
ConfigParametersBasedConfigData An implementation of ConfigData based on two instances of ConfigParameters.
Factory General purpose factory method based on ConfigParameters and Java's Reflection API.
FlatConfigData An implementation of ConfigData based on a flat representation of the hierachically organized key-value pairs.
Format A helper class for formatting numbers according to a printf-like format string.
Point Immutable class of a two-dimensional point with floating point coordinates.
PropertiesBasedConfigData Implementation of FlatConfigData based on java.util.Properties.
Util Collection of static utility methods.

Exception Summary
FactoryException Exception thrown in the case of an error during creation of a new object by Factory.create(java.lang.String).

Package jcckit.util Description

Utility classes. The most important classes are ConfigParameters and related classes and a general purpose Factory.