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1. Introduction

JCCKit is a Java library which can be used in any Java application or applet to visualize scientific data by plots or charts. Its kernel classes are completely written in Java 1.1. Thus JCCKit can be used in applets running in old Web browsers or on a Personal Digital Assistent (PDA) which supports only PersonalJava.

But JCCKit is also a framework. It can be extended by introducing

  • new renderers for output devices not supported in the standard distribution of JCCKit,
  • new classes of basic graphical objects,
  • new factories of curves and curve symbols,
  • new coordinate systems,
  • new tic label generators,
  • new sources of configuration parameters.

Further introductions:

  1.1 Package Overview
  1.2 Coordinate Systems
  1.3 Curves, Points, and Hints