Package jcckit.plot

Classes for generating plots and charts.


Interface Summary
AttributesHint A Hint which wraps a GraphicAttributes instance.
CoordinateSystem Interface for all generators of coordinate systems.
Curve A curve is defined by a sequence of points in device-independent coordinates.
CurveFactory Interface of a curve factory.
Hint Marker interface of all types of hints.
PlotListener Listener for changes of plots, diagrams, and charts.
SymbolFactory Interface of a symbol factory.

Class Summary
AbstractSymbolFactory Abstract superclass of all SymbolFactories.
AxisParameters Helper class with various parameters defining an axis.
BarFactory A factory of bars.
CartesianCoordinateSystem A Cartesian coordinate system.
CircleSymbolFactory A factory of circle symbols.
ErrorBarFactory Symbol factory for creating symbols with error bars.
Legend Helper class for creating the legend of a Plot.
Plot A plot is determined by a CoordinateSystem, Curves, an optional annotation layer and an optional Legend.
PlotCanvas An abstract canvas containg a single Plot.
PlotEvent A plot event signales some changes of a Plot.
PlotEventType Types of PlotEvents.
PositionHint An immutable Hint capsulating two GraphPoints.
ShapeAttributesHint An AttributesHint which wraps ShapeAttributes.
SimpleCurve A simple curve is the basic implementation of the Curve interface.
SimpleCurveFactory Factory for SimpleCurves.
SquareSymbolFactory A factory of square symbols.
Symbol Immutable class holding the graphical represention of the symbol and two Hints.
TicLabelMap Map of number intervals onto a text label.

Package jcckit.plot Description

Classes for generating plots and charts.